Terms and Conditions

1. MyClubConnect is a free community service and when using this service and its information platforms I acknowledge the following:

2. The MyClubConnect (MCC) platform is to inform me of its services and provide information on social activities, events, organisations, special promotions, member benefits, general information and news important for anyone aged 55 and over.

3. MCC will provide the information specified in paragraph 2 as a free community service to our members.

What this means is:

My Club Connect is free to join and connects you to social activities, events, organisations, special promotions, member benefits, general information and news important for anyone aged 55 and over.

4. The information provided by MCC is general in nature and MCC members need to consider the suitability of the social activities being considered. Members should use their own best judgement and seek professional advice as required.

5. Membership to MCC is available to anyone aged 55 and over.  Additional eligibility criteria may be required for selected areas of the MCC platform as determined by the club administrators. Club administrators have the right to require additional criteria to signup to their club in such cases.

What this means is:

We don’t run the clubs and activities, so you will need to talk to the organisers about eligibility and any fees.

6. You will receive communications including updates, newsletters, event invitations and targeted advertising. You may unsubscribe and opt out of any communications by email or in writing.

7. MCC membership is voluntary and you may discontinue your membership at any time. Too do this let us know by either by email or in writing.

8. MCC collects personal information about me included on the membership registration and information about my use of the MCC platform. I understand that if this personal information is not provided it may result in MCC being unable to process or accept this membership application.

9. MCC collects my personal information to inform me of its services, to provide information on social activities, events, organisations, special promotions, member benefits, general information and news important for anyone aged 55 and over.

10. MCC asks me to proactively provide updates when personal contact information changes. MCC may send out a personal information confirmation/update request. This is anticipated to be 12 monthly or if contact cannot be made with the details MCC has on hand.

What this means is:

We need your updated personal details to keep you in the loop about great activities and discounts. We won’t sell your personal information to a third party. You can stop any communications from us by letting us know by email or writing – you will still be a My Club Connect Member. Or you can cancel your My Club Connect Membership entirely in the same way.

11. Membership in MCC is to support anyone aged 55 and over to get access to positive social engagement. Behaviours supporting positive engagement include honesty, transparency, acting in good faith and exhibiting good will. I am to apply these values in all activities with MCC staff, members, activity participants, business partners and all MCC associates whether directly or indirectly.

12. Any conduct which in the opinion of the MCC team threatens the core value of positive social engagement, safety, bad language and other unsocial behaviours may result in my removal from the MCC platform.

13. MCC reserves the right to cancel my membership if I breach the terms of positive social engagement or the other terms outlined as part of this agreement. MCC will notify me of cancellation and why by either email or in writing. I can appeal the decision for cancellation in writing. MCC administrators will review the appeal but reserve all rights with regard to the final decision.

What this means is:

We need you to be respectful when engaging with us and others. We call this positive social engagement. If you can’t behave this way we reserve the right to cancel your membership. You can appeal but the final decision will rest with MCC administrators.

14. Should I choose to participate in any of the listed social activities, events and organisations I agree to take personal responsibility and be aware they are independent of MCC and will possibly have there own fees, policies as well as terms and conditions.

15. If I have a complaint or dispute with a social organisation listed with MCC, then this issue is independent of MCC and should be dealt with directly with the social organisation involved. I will inform MCC if I believe a social organisation is contravening the core value of positive social engagement. MCC will deal with all reports confidentially.

16. MCC is not responsible for the insurance, risk and other requirements associated with listed activities and clubs. Choosing to participate in the social activities will require proper and independent evaluation for suitability by me.

What this means is:

We don’t run the clubs, activities or businesses offering discounts so any fees, policies, insurances are their responsibility. If you have a dispute with them you will have to take up with them. If you think they are not engaging in positive social engagement, feel free to let us know.

17. As a MCC member I indemnify MCC, its officers and employees, agents and volunteers against all loss, damage and expenses (including legal costs on a solicitor and own client basis) arising out of or in connection with any social activities and groups, claims, actions, proceedings or demands of any kind arising directly or indirectly from my independent participation and usage of the MCC platform.

What this means is:

If I have an accident, damage something or lose money though doing an activity I won’t claim against MCC.

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