Privacy Policy

  1. MCC collects my personal information to inform me of its services, to provide information on social activities, events, organisations, special promotions and member benefits for seniors aged 55 and over.

  2. MyClubConnect (MCC) will take reasonable steps to protect my personal information that they hold from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.

  3. Should you choose to participate in any of the listed social activities, events and organisations you agree to be aware they are independent of MCC and will possibly have there own privacy policy.

  4. You will receive communications including updates, newsletters, event invitations and targeted advertising on an appropriate and regular basis.

  5. You may unsubscribe and opt out of any communications upon request by emailing

  6. We will collect data such as your personal details (name, email address, address, etc) along with other information such as your location, browser, operating systems and other potentially identifiable details. We will do this whenever you interact with the MCC website, complete or interact with any marketing communications from MCC through the use of cookies.

  7. We will use your data in order to provide you the full extent of the MCC service, contact you regarding your account and any events, promotions or offerings from MCC.

  8. Your data will be stored securely within the MCC website and communication platforms (not limited to but including MailChimp) which have security measures such as rate limiting, blacklists and permission restrictions in place to protect your data.

  9. MCC will disclose only the required personal information to our service providers, including but not limited to Australia Post, in order to operate our services and in accordance with the Australian Privacy Act (1988).

  10. MCC will not sell my personal information to third parties for any purpose. MCC member’s personal data may be provided to a third party for promotions that are positively targeted as a member benefit.

  11. I understand I may contact MCC to access or correct my personal information, to stop MCC sending me information about their products and services, seek clarification on this privacy policy, other parts of the agreement or if I have a complaint.
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